My favourite planty things (EU)

Here you will find the products that I love. The big button below leads to my Amazon storefront (DE) where a lot of them are sold. Some brands are not sold on there so I mention directly below here. These are not affiliate links. Further down you'll find my favourite plant shops in The Netherlands/Europe and my favourite places to visit for plants. Enjoy!

Sustainable pots

Biological control

Stylish grow light 

Soltech solutions (affiliate link) 

The below button links to my Amazon storefront, where you can find all the products I love and advise.

The links are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission if you buy something. You do not pay anything extra of course! Thank you. 

Favourite plant shops

Below are the planty shops and places that I love in Europe and the Netherlands. Keep in mind that these shops cannot ship plants outside of the EU/Europe. Please check the USA version of this site for a list of shops I've heard of or collaborated with.

Plant shops / places What? Website Instagram
de Bosrand, 5 locations Garden center @tuincentrumdebosrand
Het planten pandje, Utrecht Plant shop @hetplantenpandje
Orchidz Webshop
Kek Jekkie Webshop @kek_jekkie
Casa Botanica Webshop @arapisarda
Groen in Huis Webshop @groeninhuis
Eurotropical Plants (Spain) Webshop @isabeleurotropical
Hortus Leiden Botanical gardens @hortusleiden
Hortus Utrecht Botanical gardens @botanischetuinenuu
Hortus Amsterdam Botanical gardens @hortusamsterdam

Do you know a great shop or planty place that deserves to be on here? Send me a message!

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